Compañía: Moving On
Tipo: Actores
Tema: Aprendizaje de inglés
Público: Entre 12 y 16 años
Idioma: Inglés
Tipo: 50 minutos aprox.

Descripción: It’s the year 2030. The world is struggling to find a new economic and social balance with the unstoppable advance of Artificial Intelligence and new technologies. We tell the personal and very human story of two friends, Bob and Harry, who get together after many years working on their own projects. They both make great efforts to impress the other with their success and their achievements, but their stories begin to sound untrue. When Bob’s lies begin to unravel, we begin to see Harry’s true situation of unpaid debts and we start to realise that these two characters are just two more victims of the advances in Robotics and the great technological transformation. Between us all we will try to solve their problems with humour, music, positive participation… and a whole lot of humanity.



Auditorio Ciudad de Vera